Monday, July 30, 2012

Acidity, causes and home remedies

Acidity and Ulcer prevention :- 
Acidity is a digestive system disorder condition characterized by excess production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach and making the person feel heartburn. Leaving acidity untreated can lead to ulcers in digestive system.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Aadi Amavasai

The Tamil month of Aadi (mid July to mid August) is considered a very auspicious for spiritual activities.  

Aadi pooram the birthday of Aandaal, Varalakshmi pooja (the prayer to the goddess for bestowing of all desires on the family mostly conducted by the married women.) Aadi perukku, is the 18th day of the month, which usually falls the midst of a heavy rainfall and indicates to the farmers to start their sowing.

Today is Aadi Amavasai (No moon day). The Aadi Amavasai day is specially marked for offering prayers and food to the dead forefathers. Aadi Amavasai is similar to All Souls Day which is observed by the Roman Catholics around the world.

Hindus believe that the offerings they make during this period of 15 days starting from this new moon day would reach their forefathers and appease them quickly. So the Hindus are expected to perform “Tharpanam” on this day, which is a recitation of certain mantras along with some rituals that would appease the dead forefathers and protect the offsprings of the performer of the Tharpanam.

Taking a holy dip in a river is considered a pre-requisite for performing a Tharpanam, as it is believed that all one’s physical as well as mental impurities are washed away by doing so. 

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