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Tomato Dosa | தக்காளி தோசை | Thakkali Dosa | Instant Dosa Version

Tomato Dosa is a crispy, tasty culinary delight that tastes unique as they sound and very easy to prepare. My husband is a  dosa lover and hence I like to experiment different dosa varieties. One such try was this tomato dosa. An easy recipe with tomato, red chilli and rice. 

 Rice (Raw rice -½cup &  Idli rice-½ cup)   1 cup
 Tomatoes (Ripe & tangy) 1
 Red chillies  3 or 4
 Cumin  ½ tsp 
 Fennel     ½ tsp
 Ginger  1 inch piece 
 Hing  generous pinch 
 Grated coconut  ¼cup
 Salt  to taste

Method :-
1). Wash and soak rice with red chillies for 3 - hours in plenty of water. Drain it and transfer it to mixer /grinder along with chopped tomatoes, cumin seeds, coconut, ginger and salt. Gradually add 2cups of water, grind until smooth and add hing. The batter should be very fine in consistency. Make the batter very dilute but not watery.
Pic-1 Pic-1
2). Heat a tawa/griddle and pour a ladle full of batter in the center. Spread quickly using a  circular motion with the back of ladle to form a 6" round dosa.
Pic-1 Pic-1
3). When the lower side of the dosa is cooked, flip it and add a dash of oil at the circumference for crispiness. Flip over and cook till crisp.
Pic-1 Pic-1
Enjoy your delicious Dosa. Its very flavorful and best when combined with Coconut Chutney.
Notes :-
# Use fresh ripe tomatoes for the dish.
# You can add chopped onions, coriander leaves/Cilantro and chillies for topping, it adds unique flavor.
# Quantity of water to be added depends upon the quality of rice used.
# The texture of dosa will be very crispy only if the batter is watery.
# The dosa batter need not be fermented as tomato is there for tanginess. 
# You can also prepare this dosa instantly, with tomato puree added to the already prepared dosa batter.
# If you are not getting perfect dosa, You can try doing like Rava Dosa/Wheat Flour Dosa. We make a think batter, pour it on tawa by making an outer circle 1st and then fill in the gaps to get a perfect crispy dosa.
# You can also spread the batter thick to get oothapams.

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