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Curd / Yogurt - Benefits & Tips

Dairy products are loaded with hordes of nutritional values and supply a lot of health benefits.They are considered as a significant part of the diet of human beings.

Curd is prepared from milk by the process of fermentation and it is a rich source of vitamins, proteins and calcium. It is believed that the curd is loaded with more nutritional values than the milk.

Tips :-
# Whenever you add curd to the masala, it should be beaten well and added gradually. 

# If curds have become too sour to eat as it is, add milk and use in raitas, curd rice, etc.

# Avoid the consumption of curd along with beef because they are considered as contrary foods, and not good for health.

# If you have taken curd at night, then you should brush your teeth because some of the acid and bacteria in curd can produce a certain amount of damage on teeth.

Tips for making perfect Curd :-

# The culture curd (about 1tablespoon) which you use to make curd should be very thick and not at all sour.

# After boiling the milk do not switch off the stove immediately. Keep it on sim for at-least 10minutes and cool.

# It is very important to note that the milk should be lukewarm (not hot or very cold ).

# Remove the thick deposit from the top of milk before making curds. 
# Set in a ceramic container and place it in an enclosed area (e.g. a microwave) overnight to keep it warm. It will set overnight.

Tips for making Curd in Winters :- 
# For 1 litre of milk , take 1 tbsp of milk in a small cup, add a pinch of sugar & ½ tsp of starter curd. Mix thoroughly (this is important for a uniform texture) & add the contents of the cup to the milk & mix well. Close & allow to set. 

# This method works equally well for low fat milk also. Source :- Chitvish 
# The temperature of milk should be slightly higher in winters as compared to in summers.

# Cover the container properly, wrap it with a thick cloth. 

# Set in a ceramic container and place it in an enclosed area (e.g. a microwave) overnight to keep it warm. It will set overnight. 
Health Benefits of curd :-
Curd contains friendly bacteria, which benefits our body in many ways.  

# Curd has high vitamin and calcium contents with protein. 
# People bothered with the stomach problems can get better by taking curd in appropriate amount. It is considered as stool binder for the patients of diarrhea, so eating curd is beneficial for them.
# It can stop nausea and vomiting tendency.
# Milk is not suitable for all people especially people with asthma or allergies should refrain from milk, but they can take curd to get their calcium.
# As curd has zero sugars, zero carbohydrates and zero trans fats, it is a healthy alternative to the fast foods and junk foods if you want to avoid them. 
# Regular consumption of curd is very beneficial to thwart many therapeutic conditions.
# Having buttermilk made from curd after the meals is proven as advantageous in the digestion of food.
# The diabetic patients are suggested to forbear on the consumption of curd.
# The patients of piles are advised to avoid the consumption of curd.
# Taking one or two cups of curd per day is appropriate for the health, but taking too much curd can cause hyperacidity, resulting in reduced appetite, disturbed secretion of digestive enzymes of gastric mucosa, and bothered electrolyte balance of human body.
# If you are trying to lose weight, choose low-fat curd made from cow's milk.

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