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Green Peas Paratha | பச்சைப் பட்டாணி பராத்தா | Pachai Pattani Paratha

Green Peas Parathas can be perfect for Lunch, Brunch or Dinner, whether served with a curry, chutney, ketchup or even plain Yogurt! Paratha stuffed with green Peas. I tried peas paratha for the first time and my husband just loveddd it :-). It was delicious, tasty, filling and easy. 

Stuffed parathas are easy to make, but only if you know the knack of rolling. When I don't feel like to prepare elaborate meals, I prepare stuffed parathas. These are wholesome and filling with stuffing of your choice.

Ingredients :-
for Dough :-
Wheat flour - 2cups ;
Salt - 1/2 teaspoon ;
Oil - 1tablespoon ; 
for stuffing :-
Green Peas - 1 cup ;
Jeera / Cumin / Seeraham - 1teaspoon ;
Coriander leaves / Cilantro ;
Garam masala - 1teaspoon ; 
Red Chilli powder - 2teaspoon ;
Ghee/oil ;
Salt ;

Method :-
For Dough :-
Make a stiff dough with all the ingredients and keep it aside for atleast 15 min.

For filling:-
1. Boil the peas in pressure cooker until one whistle. Drain water completely and let it cool down. Then mash the peas with spoon.
2. Heat oil in a pan and add in cumin seeds. Once they splutter add the finely chopped onions and let it roast till it turns golden brown. 
3. Add in the chilli powder, garam masala powder and salt. Stir well. Now add in the mashed green peas and mix well. Take it off the stove and keep aside.
3. All the moisture should have evaporated. This mixture should be as dry as possible.Let it rest for 10minutes and make balls out of this masala.
For Paratha :-
1. Make medium sized balls out of the roti dough that has been prepared and roll out each ball into a not too thin disc or a chapati on a floured board.
2. Place the masala ball on the rolled dough, seal the edges nicely, sprinkle a little dry flour on top, then roll out the paratha as thinly and as roundly as you can, being careful not to break it. 
3. Heat a griddle/tave and fry the parathas on both sides applying little ghee/oil. Keep turning until parathas turn golden brown or done. Parathas puff in different places.
Dollop some ghee/butter on the hot paratha and serve with the comforting curd and pickle.  
Notes :- 
# Making dough with oil and warm water will ensure soft paratha.
# Mash the peas well and chop the onions finely so that there wont be difficulty while rolling the parathas.

Let the quantity of stuffing be little less than chapati dough. ie, let the dough balls be bigger, compared to the masala balls.
# While making balls with the stuffing, If you find it difficult to make balls, just put a spoonfull of stuffing onto the centre of the dough. 

# Don't put too much stuffing or it will come out while rolling.

# While sealing the dough around the stuffing, making sure there are no gaps. Else the stuffing will come out.

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  2. Maybe this way my family will eat peas !! Nicely done

  3. tried all sorts of stuffed parathas but never tried them with peas, looks delicious, thanks for sending it to my event n using the logo


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