Monday, September 17, 2012

Tricolor Sandwich

Tricolor sandwiches can be prepared in a jiffy yet unique in their taste and appearance.

Ingredients :- 
 Bread slices   3
 Mayonnaise   2 tbsp
 Carrot (grated)   ½ cup
 Zucchini (grated)   ½ cup
 Mint chutney       2 tbsp
 Cheese  2 tbsp 
 Paneer (grated)  ½ cup

Preparation :-
1). Discard the brown sides of the bread, keep aside. Mix grated zucchini and green chutney in a separate bowl and make a smooth paste.  
2). Spread a thin layer of green chutney and cover it with another slice with green chutney mixture.
4). Spread creamy cheese on other side of the slice and put grated paneer on it. Cover it with  another buttered slice.
5). Mix Carrot and Mayonnaise in a bowl with salt and make a paste.
6). Spread it on the bread slice and cover it with last  slice. 
Cut into strips  or triangles and serve.

Your tricolored sandwich in ready! Enjoy this colorful sandwiches.

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