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Watermelon Rind Halwa - MW method

Watermelon Rind Halwa is yummy and flavorful. Watermelon halwa is very common But I haven't heard about halwa using rind( white part) until I saw this recipe in some magazine long back(stove-top method).
We normally discard the rind(White part) along with the skin. But this part of watermelon is having a lot of vitamins, minerals,fiber and especially Antioxidants which is very important for our body.
Ingredients :-
 Watermelon rind (skin) -finely grated 
(Only white part not red or green skin)    
 1 cup
 Sugar 1½ cup
 Milk   1 cup  
 Vannila essence    ½ tsp 
 Ghee  4 tbsp
Method :-
1). Cut water melon, remove the red fruit and grate the White part. Squeeze and remove the water. 
2). Take a microwave safe bowl, Add the grated melon-rind and microwave high till the raw smell goes.(20-25 minutes)
3). Now mix milk, sugar,vanilla essence and microwave high for 5minutes. 
4). Add food color and cook again for 5minutes. Stir once in 2minutes adding a tsp of ghee.
5). The halwa is done when you see that glossy look on the top. Garnish with ghee-fried nuts.
You can have the halwa as it is or can be shaped after cooling.  
Tasty WaterMelon Rind Halwa is ready to be served !! 
Notes :-
# Squeeze as much water as possible from the grated watermelon, as it will increase the time required for cooking.
# Adjust the quantity of sugar as per taste. 
# Adding vanilla essence is optional. You can use any flavored essence.
# You can use the same recipe for making halwa using pumpkin(yellow or white), Papaya, Pomegranate, Apple and Nungu.  
# If you are following the stove-top method, It is better to pressure cook the grated rind as it will take very long time to cook. 

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  1. Very innovative...bookmarked!!!Love to taste this...I love watermelon:)

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    Divya's Culinary Journey

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  4. Such a lovely idea with watermelon rinds..Love to try this..

  5. Innovative recipe...Halwa looks delicious....


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