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Pappu Ubbattu | Puran Poli | Boli | Holige | Bobbattu | Obbattu | பருப்பு ஒப்பட்டு

Ubbattu / Obbattu / Poli / Holige / Bobbattu / Boli is nothing but sweetened flat bread. This is a traditional south-Indian sweet which is prepared mainly during auspicious functions.

I prepared this ubbattu for Pongal, it reminded of my childhood pongal celebrations at my farm. Good old days :) My mom is the best cook in the world, I am missing her and her food very badly. She will always prepare varieties of sweets and savories for pongal. There are many varieties in this. I am posting my mom's recipe for pappu Obbattu (Dal Poli). I prepared this ubbattu speacially for my husband, he tasted this after years and he loveeed it :))

(for the dough) :-
 Maida  1 cup
 Oil   ¼ tsp
 Ghee    as needed

For the filling :
 Split channa dal     1 cup
 Sugar    cup
 Cardamom powder    ¼ tsp

Method :-

1). Wash the dal and pressure cook with just enough water to cover the dal.

2). Make the outer dough with maida, oil and mix properly. Sprinkle a little water at a time, and make a firm but not hard dough. Cover the dough and set aside for at-least 30 minutes.

3). Once the cooker cools down, drain the water from the cooker. In a mixer, powder the sugar. Then add cardamom powder and drained dal. Pulse it and make a coarse paste. Filling is ready.

4). Knead the outer-dough well till all the oil is absorbed. Shape into small balls, spread/roll it like you do it for poori/chapathi. Place a ball of filling on the spread dough, cover and seal the edges properly.
5).Heat the pan, pat this (stuffed ball) flat as thin as possible with your fingers. Griddle with ghee flipping once until both sides turn light brown.

Ubbattu is ready !! Serve hot with a drizzle of ghee.

Notes :-

# The quantity of sugar should be more than the quantity of the dal.
# Do not add more water while pressure cooking the dal, then the filling will become watery.
# Make sure not to add too much water while mixing the outer-dough.
# If the filling becomes very watery, you can add sooji.
# Always use spoon to handle the filling. Do not use hand to mix the filling, it will become more watery.

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