Monday, June 24, 2013

How to clean a Cauliflower

Clean the Cauliflower properly before cooking, there is a fair chance of it having worms or bugs inside. Thyroid patients are generally recommended not to use cauliflower. Please check with your doctor for more details.

Despite their rather impenetrable-seeming appearance, cauliflowers are actually pretty easy to break down into bite-sized florets. 

Cut the Cauliflower :-
# Using a sharp knife, remove any outer wrapping and leaves. With your hands, pull away the large florets of cauliflower from the head.
# Trim away any large pieces of core and cut the florets into medium size but approximately equal sized pieces for even cooking. 
Cleaning :-
1). Take clean hot water in a bowl and mix a tsp of salt and turmeric powder. Ensure the bowl is large enough to hold the water and cauliflower.  
2). Submerge the cauliflower florets into the water for 10-15minutes. If bugs/worms are there, they would have been killed and you will find them floating over the water.

3.  Remove any floating bugs/worms and rinse again with warm water.
4. Drain them in a colander. Cauliflower is ready to be used for cooking.

Notes :-

# You can add vinegar along with salt and  water to make the cleaning more effective.# Add a little lemon juice while blanching cauliflower to retain the white color.
# While buying cauliflowers, make sure to check the florets are clean and white with bright green leaves. 

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