Friday, February 8, 2013

Cornflakes Laddu | சோள சீவல் லட்டு | Sola Seeval Laddu

Cornflakes Laddu is a crispy sweet snack ball made with very few/handy ingredients. This laddu tastes heavenly and can be prepared in jiffy.

Ingredients :-

 Cornflakes  ¼ cup
 Peanuts  1 cup
 Jaggery   ¾ cup
 Mixed Nuts    hand full
 Cardamom powder     pinch

Method :-

1). Dry roast the peanuts or microwave for 2 minutes and remove the skin. 
2). Finely grind cornflakes, peanuts, Jaggery, cardamom powder and dry nuts together. Combine all the ingredients till everything is blended well.

3). Take handful of the mixture and make equal sized smooth balls with greased palms.Laddu's ready !! Enjoy the home made laddu :-)

Notes :-

# Dont grind it finely if u need the laddus to be very crispy. or you can just crush the cornflakes with hands and add it to the grounded mixture. 

# Preferably grease your palms with ghee for good flavor.

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  1. Very nice n yummy ladoo dear... nice innovation...

  2. wow a laddoo with conrflakes a very new recipe and lovely combo :) they look delicious :)

  3. Excellent laddoos, feel like munching some.


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