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Shahi Tukra | Shahi Tukda | Bread Pudding

 "Sharan's Samayalarai " has its own website now :-) Yayyy!! As I have already announced about the new website on the day of 'blog's first Anniversary'. I have integrated "" to "". Yes ! is live now :-) I wanted to celebrate this news with a royal sweet. Enjoy the news with a rich dessert :-)

Shahi Tukra / Shahi Tukda is a very famous & royal Hyderabadi dessert. Shahi Tukra itself translates to ‘Royal Dessert’ so it’s regal in its name! It is simple to prepare yet a tasty and creamy dessert.This dessert is an exotic rich dessert with thickened milk, dry fruits and flavored with cardamom & saffron. 

This has been one of those dishes that I have been thinking and wanting to make. These kind of rich desserts are usually prepared on some special occasions or for parties. This will make a great dessert for adults and kids as well !
I altered the original recipe as it is a high calorie recipe. If you want to make this a rich affair then you really won't be able to indulge in this frequently. However, I have given few alternatives in my notes. You can opt the low fat version or the traditional rich and sinful version.

Ingredients :-
 Bread slices  4
 Milk  3 cups
 Sugar   ¼ cup
 Corn flour    1 tsp  
 Saffron    few strands  
 Ghee    4 tbsp
 Cardamom powder     ¼ tsp
 Chopped nuts (almonds & pistachios)      2 tbsp

Method :-
1). Remove the crust from bread slices and cut into two or four squares. You can also use cookie cutter to cut into various shapes of ur choice. Soak saffron in 3 tbsps of warm milk. Mix cornflour with 3tsp of milk without any lumps. 
Pic-1 Pic-1 Pic-1
2). Preparing Rabdi (creamy milk sauce)* :- 
Heat the milk in a pan along with sugar, saffron infused milk and corn flour mix. It will thicken very fast so keep stirring constantly. Simmer the milk until it reduces to a thick but pouring consistency. Add cardamom powder and switch off the flame. (Optional step -Add chopped nuts and allow to cool completely).

3). Fry Bread slices :- 
Heat ghee in a non stick pan and shallow fry the bread slices till golden color. Fry the bread slices evenly.
Pic-1 Pic-1
4). Pour some rabdi(creamy milk sauce) in the bottom of the shallow serving plate. Then arrange the fried bread pieces in a plate and evenly pour the (rabdi) creamy milk sauce on top of the slices. Garnish with chopped nuts and saffron strands.
Serve chill or warm. But make sure you give sometime for the bread slices to absorb the rabdi(creamy milk sauce). I prefer to serve it chilled !!
Notes :-
# You can substitute whole milk with fat free milk. But you will get thickened creamy milk sauce(rabdi) only if you use whole milk.  
# You can add 2-3 tbsp of condensed milk. Adjust the quantity of sugar if you add sweetened condensed milk. 
# You can reduce a litre of milk to half and make rabdi rich instead using corn flour.  
# Original recipe calls for deep fried version, but I avoided. If you prefer, you can very well use ghee to deep fry the slices in batches and place on absorbent paper. Fry it in low or medium flame. Alternatively, you can use bread toaster too.  
# Deep frying will make the bread to be very crisp, while the shallow frying will take longer time to become hard. 
# While frying (deep/shallow) the bread slices, substitute ghee with oil. But I personally prefer ghee as it tastes rich as oil will smell and spoil the taste.
# While few recipes call for the sugar syrup to dip the bread slices, but it is optional. You can dip the fried bread slices in sugar syrup and/or you can serve them with rabdi.
# You can use wheat/white bread of your choice. But always use a day old bread for the recipe. Fresh bread soaks up lot of fat. Also do not use moist bread or bread from the fridge directly as they tend to absorb lot of ghee and have to fry longer to make crispier.  
# You can fry the dry fruits in ghee before garnishing and refrigerate for at-least an hour. 

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