Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Aadi Velli specialities & Recipes

Aadi Velli (Fridays in Aadi month) :- 
Aadi Velli is the Friday that comes in Aadi Month.  All fridays in this month are considered auspicious and ladies exchange kumkum and sweets. Preparing sweets as offering (prasadam) to the goddess, visiting temples, doing special pujas are all the must do things for believers.

Betal leaves, turmeric, kumkum, betalnut and coconut, together make a thambulam. The thambulam is offered to all women who we meet on fridays, to get their blessings and good wishes. The 4 divinely charged Fridays of this month can deliver immense energy and material gains for you.

# First Aadi Friday for The Goddess of Siddhi Powers
# Second Aadi Friday for The Goddess of Fine Arts
# Third Aadi Friday for The Goddess of Protection
# Fourth Aadi Friday for The Bestower of Boons 

Make some quick sweets as prasadam on aadi velli kizhamai and worship god.

Aadi Velli Recipes :-  Festival Recipes 

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