Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Navarathri Recipes | நவராத்திரி நெய்வேத்யம் | Navratri Naivedyam | Navratri Recipes

Happy Navarathri wishes to all friends & readers who are celebrating !

Navaratri in 2014 will start on Thursday, the 25th of September and will continue for 9 days until Friday, the 3rd of October. The highlight of this festival is the arrangement of Golu. Click here to know more about Navarathri Festival and specialities of Golu.
Another highlight of this festival is the variety of Sundal & Payasam we prepare during those nine days. Check the below festival recipes, Click on the image for the recipe :-

Jackfruit Payasam
Aval(poha) Payasam
Pasiparuppu Payasam
Mango Payasam
Paal Payasam
Carrot Payasam
Besan Payasam
Sarkarai Pongal
Semiya Kesari
Rava Kesari
Sweet Suyyam
Sweet Aval
White Channa

Black Chickpeas


Pattani (Dry Peas)

Puli Vada
Sago Vada
Paruppu Vadai
Savoury Suyyam
Coconut Rice
Curd Rice
Tamarind Rice
Lemon Rice
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