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Crispy Ghee Roast | நெய் ரோஸ்ட் | Ghee Pancakes

Dosa /Roast is a very popular South-Indian breakfast recipe. It is referred as Dosa or Dose or Dosai or Thosai. It is usually served with chutney and sambar. The crispier the dosa is, the tastier it turns out to be. Paper dosa is the large and thin where as Kal dosa is the thick variant of dosa. 

Dosa is my hubby's favorite. Only after marriage, I learnt to make proper crispy dosas with my mom's help. With just a little practice, any one can make fabulous dosa at home in restaurant style. Making crispy dosa as a beginner was a challenging task for me.

I wish to have some basic Indian recipes in the blog, so decided to post some basic recipes every wednesday which will be useful specially for the beginners. There are many varieties in dosa based on the stuffing. I have already posted few dosa recipes, you can check them here - Mushroom Masala Roast, Cauliflower Dosa, Banana Dosa, Muttai(Egg) Dosa, Tomato Dosa. Today I am going to share simple ghee roast recipe.

Ingredients :-

Dosa batter - 2 cups ;
Ghee - for ghee roast ;
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Method :-

1). Heat a non-stick pan in medium flame. Pour a ladle full of dosai batter and spread it as thin as possible in circular motion. Drizzle ghee all around the dosa and close it with a lid and cook in medium heat. 

2). Leave for some time until the dosa becomes crispy and brown. Do not flip the dosa. You can simply fold the dosa and serve. But I wanted to make it little attractive, so tried the cone shape.
3). Make a cut/line till the center and carefully start rolling it as a cone.
Remove from pan and serve with chutney and sambar.
Notes :-

# Use ghee generously. If you are using cast iron griddles, you might require more ghee than non-stick griddle. The more seasoned the griddle, the better the results!
# Do not flip the dosa other side.
# The dosa batter should be in right consistency, neither thick nor thin.
# Make sure the dosa pan is in medium heat. If it is too hot, you may end up with lumpy dosa and if it is too low, dosa will look pale.
# Do not pour the batter before the pan is heated. Let the pan gets heated and then pour the dosa.

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