Friday, August 15, 2014

Garlic Dal Powder | பூண்டு பருப்பு பொடி | Poondu Paruppu Podi

Garlic Paruppu Podi makes a wonderful dish when accompanied with a dollop of ghee and steamed rice. It makes a quick and simple meal. 

Ingredients :-

 Toor dal   ½ cup 
 Channa dal     ¼ cup
 Moong dal   ¼ cup
 Pepper corns  1 tsp 
 Cumin   1 tsp
 Red chillies   6 - 8 
 Garlic   50 gms 
 Hing   generous pinch 
 Oil | butter  ½ tsp
 Salt to taste

Method :-

1). Heat a pan and fry the dals(toor dal, channa dal, moong dal) till they
become slightly golden color. Then add pepper corns, cumin seeds, hing and fry for another 20 seconds and switch off. Keep it aside and let it cool.

2). In a medium flame,  fry the peeled garlic in oil till the pods turn light brown. Then fry red chillies till they turn glossy and let it cool.

3). Cool all the fried ingredients along with salt and hing. Grind it to a coarse powder. Allow the ground Garlic Paruppu podi to cool off completely and store it in a airtight container. Serve garlic paruppu podi with a dollop of ghee & steamed rice.
Notes :-
Allow all the ingredients to cool off nicely before and after grinding. 

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