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Rava Idli | ரவா இட்லி

Rava Idli is a staple breakfast recipe in Karnataka, which is quick, spongy and delicious. This is an instant idli recipe that can be prepared in a whim and does not require any elaborate grinding or fermenting like the traditional idlis. This idli is nutritious yet filling and can be served anytime brunch /lunch /evening snack /dinner. 

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I have added carrots and made it colorful. Substitute any vegetable and create yet another delicious variation. Earlier, during my initial days of cooking, I was using MTR rava idli mix. I totally stopped doing this once I laid hands on this recipe. 

Ingredients :-

 Godhuma Rava | Sooji    1 cup 
 Curd (Yogurt)   ½ cup
 Carrot (grated)   2 tbsp
 Hing   ⅛ tsp 
 Baking soda | ENO* check notes   ¾ tsp
 Ginger (grated)   few
 Mustard    ¼ tsp 
 Urad dal    ½ tsp 
 Channa dal   ½ tsp 
 Ghee | Oil  3 tsp 
 Salt   to taste 

Method :-
1). Heat a ghee/oil in a pan, add mustard, urad dal and channa dal. Once the mustard seeds pop and the chana dal starts turning golden brown, add the finely chopped ginger and hing, saute for a minute. Then add the rava, curry leaves and coriander leaves and fry in a low flame. Switch off and let it cool completely.
2). In a mixing bowl, add the above rava mix, curd and salt, mix well. Add little water (little less than ½ cup) adjust according to consistency and combine well. The batter consistency should neither be too thick nor thin. After adding the ENO salt, small bubbles arise which makes the batter froth.
3). Grease the idly plates with ghee/oil and place grated carrot on top of the idli mould, to yield carrot visible on top of the idli. Ladle the batter into idli moulds and steam in an idli maker for 10-12 mins. Allow it to cool and unmould.
Moist idlies are ready ! Top it with ghee (optional) and serve hot with any chutney / sambar of your choice!
Notes :- 
# You can use godhuma rava (wheat rava or brown rava) or white rava (sooji) for this recipe.
# I have used carrot as a topping. But you can very well use other veggies and cashews (ghee roasted) for more flavor.
#* If you prefer soft restaurant type Idli's, adding soda is a must. Use 1 tsp if you want more of a porous texture. After mixing do not let it sit for more time.
# Sour curd suits well for this recipe. If the curd is not sour,  idli will taste bland. In that case, you can use few drops of lemon juice.
# Take care not to change the colour of rava while roasting (step 1). 
# To check if the rava idli is done, insert a tooth pick/ knife /fork in the middle and check if it comes out clean. Else, steam it for few more minutes and cool. 

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