Monday, February 20, 2017

Avarakkai Muttai Poriyal | அவரைக்காய் முட்டை பொரியல் | Broad Beans and Egg Stirfry |OPOS | 5 Minutes

Ingredients :-

 Avarakkai | Broadbeans     250 grams 
 Egg    1  
 Onions (finely chopped)    1 
 Turmeric powder    ¼ tsp  
 Sambar powder   1 tsp
 Mustard    ¼ tsp 
 Urad dal    1 tsp
 Channa dal   1 tsp 
 Pepper powder    ½tsp
 Salt  to taste


1). Wash and clean the Avarakkai. Trim the ends and chop it. If there are matured ones, remove the seeds and discard the skin, keep it aside. Beat the egg with pepper powder and salt, keep aside (this step is optional).

2). In a 2 liter pressure cooker*(check notes), add 2 tsp of water along with a tsp of cooking oil. Layer onions, chopped avarakkai, turmeric powder, sambar powder and salt. Close the lid and cook on high for a whistle and switch off. 

3). Release the pressure, add the beaten egg on top of cooked avarakkai and close the lid quickly. You need not switch on the cooker. The heat will be enough to cook the eggs. After few minutes, open the lid and combine everything together. 

Notes :-

#* This recipe works only on 2 litre pressure cooker. For other cookers, timings or whistles might differ which might result in over-cooked or under cooked vegetable. 
# Beating the eggs with pepper powder and salt is optional. You can just crack the eggs directly. 
# In case if you have uncooked eggs, switch on the cooker till it gets pressure and switch off. Do not cook it for long time it might get burn at the bottom. 
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