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 Dedication :-
'WWW.VIGSHA.COM' is a combination of both our names, Vignesh & Sharanya. I dedicate this blog to my most wonderful parents. Dear Anna & Baby ka, I love you & miss you soooo much! Thank you so much for letting me, be me. I owe u everything, for what I am today! They always have given me THE BEST in life. I certainly would not be where I am today without their nurture, guidance, love and care throughout my life. They are, and continue to be, one of my life's biggest blessings.

Lucky for me, I happen to have super parents Smile and very supportive hubby. Vignesh is the backbone of this blog, I wouldn't have continued it without his motivation and support.   
 Know Me :-

Helloah ! This is Sharanya , the dearest daughter of Mr.Dhayalagunan & Mrs.Kumutham. I'm a Software engineer by profession and I hail from South-India(Coimbatorian) living here in the United states with my darling hubby Smile and lil prince Viyan (updated after 21st feb 2015). I love photography, traveling, painting, crocheting and Shopping. 

I was/am still the pampered only-child to my lovely parents. My world was eons away from kitchen & cooking. I never stepped into the kitchen but was always watching the cooking shows and taste testing what my mom cooked. But I very well know that the way to my man's heart was also through his stomach Winking smile

It was a new life, new country, new people, new house, new car and new stores.
Cooking is a pleasure, especially when you are cooking for someone you love. And that's how my fascination for cooking started. My lovely hubby is the main inspiration for this journey. His positive comments and support made me to try different recipes. I just love the joyful and satisfying look on his face while tasting my food
Smile. That makes it all worthwhile and keeps me going!! He is the best truthful critic for my cooking Smile. Through trials and errors I still continue to learn and improve.

After coming to USA, my mom used to dictate the recipe through phone and my MIL gave a handwritten recipe book. But when I wanted a new recipe I had to refer many cooking blogs(random sites through google search) and modify it to suit my taste. So I wanted to record all the recipes which I have successfully experimented and share it with my friends. As a beginner, I knew what I expected in the other blogs during my initial stage, so included all those details(step by step photos with detailed notes) and started this blog(Sharan's Samayalarai). 

I am a very creative person and blogging has given me an opportunity to show out my talents and as well, has been a gateway for me to connect to the world and to interact with people who share the same interests. Here you can find recipes which I learned from my mom, cook books, shows, websites and of course my very own creationsSmile.  I am experimental in my ways of cooking and always go for innovative ideas. Hope you all enjoy your stay in my space, and look forward for your suggestions which makes my blogging more enjoyable. 

If you try out a recipe, please let me know how it turns out.  Trust me, I’m elated to hear from you!
I feel happy for the responses which I get from the visitors, across India and foreign countries. And if you have a question, do not hesitate to drop a comment anywhere in the blog, the easiest way to catch me rather than via e-mail! Smile  or feel free to email me at "" with any questions, or post a comment here or on any of the recipes. 

Spam & unruly comments will go straight to the trash!Smile  Thanks for visiting my space.  Happy BloggingSmileys to free download: Emotion: Greeting!! 

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  Cheers !


  1. A very nice blog... Keep up the good work,,

  2. Well narrated Message abt urselves da......very lively......continue n rock cooking.......

    1. Thanks a lot Arthi ka :)) Ur wishes mean a lot to me !! Need all ur support & wishes !!

  3. great job.. sharan.. keep it up.. ur dishes are simply superb..

    1. Thanks a lot Mam :))) Do try out the recipes and let me know your feedback :)))

  4. Hi vigsha,

    i am very much new in blogging world. cooking is my passion but after marriage i was bound to cook for others way, now after being a mom of twins , i started my own blog. You know how i jumped to your blog. i was just checking the entries in cooks joys kids delight event. then i saw your so many entries and felt jealous. heheheh, then i saw your blog and found it interesting. sorry for my jealousy feeling. i am a working mother and hardly get time to cook. but will try your recipes.



    1. Hi Pari,

      Thank you so much for dropping by and posting ur comments. Indeed, comments like this motivates me.. Congrats on being new mom..

      Do share ur blog and keep visiting.... Happy blogging... Have a great week ahead !! take care dear...

    2. Hi vigsha,

      Nice to see your reply. I am not a new mom, heheheh, my kids are 5 years old. Even my daughter help me in the kitchen. But my kids are one of the reason behind my blog.


  5. Sharan,
    Wow! im so proud of you..Big Hug..

    Dips! :)

  6. Hi Sharanya...

    Good to see all ur receipes....after seeing ur blog...Even I thought of creating my own since I do have some interest in cooking authentic style dishes....Hopefully will start it soon...keep up the good work....keep posting more receipes....have a good day....

  7. Hai,

    U blog is so attractive,happy to follow u.



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