Monday, October 1, 2012

Kiwi Apple Delight

Kiwi Apple Juice, is every fruit lover’s delight. Juicy Kiwifruit can be mixed with any other fresh fruit to make healthy and tempting juice.  The calories are very low in this natural drink and it is easy to make, mostly with the ingredients around your house! 

kiwi fruit has a wonderful and distinctive flavor that leaves your mouth with a tingling yet refreshing taste. It helps in lowering cholesterol levels and improving the health of individuals suffering from cardiovascular diseases, thus reducing the risk of heart attacks. In Tamil, Kiwi fruit is called as Pasalipazham. 

Ingredients : -
 Kiwi (peeled and sliced)     2
 Apple (cored, peeled and sliced)    1 
 Clementine (chopped)  1
 Sugar | Honey   as needed

Method :-
1. Place chopped Kiwi, Apple,Clementine and Sugar in a blender jar. Blend and serve chilled.
2. Serve chilled with a few thin slices of the fruit topped in the juice.

Enjoy this tangy and sweet juice !! 

Tips :- 
1. Choose a ripe kiwi by pressing it a bit and check whether it is soft or not. Do not choose ones which are too hard or too soft.
2. Remain few Kiwi Slices for garnishing.
3. I do not strain the seeds after blending. But if you really do not like them, you may do so.
4. If you want an even fruitier tasting fruit juice, then add some apple juice or grape juice.

Variations : - 
1. Replace apples with 1 cup strawberries for a new exciting taste.
2. You can also add pear, mango, orange, berries, etc. to make mixed fruit juice.

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  1. Lovely juice Sharanya..looks so yummy!
    Thanks for linking it to my event dear..


    Ongoing Event: Love Lock With Juices & Milkshakes

    1. Thanks a lot Vani.. Glad you liked it.. Happy hosting :))

  2. Lovely drink Sharanya.. Thnx for linking up and dropping by..

  3. Love the combo of apple & kiwi. Nice looking juice. Thanks for your comments on my space. Liked your space too.


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