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Banana Halwa - Microwave method | வாழைபழ​ ஹல்வா

Banana halwa is extremely scrumptious, delightful dessert and very easy to make, you can never make it wrong. This is a very famous sweet in the south Indian states especially Karnataka and Kerala. This Halwa is soft and chewy sweet. Try this simple and exotic sweet recipe & flare up your taste buds.

The mouth watering taste of this recipe makes you get addicted to it. This is DH's all time favorite. This halwa is definitely a crowd pleaser. ! A lovely aroma will fill the entire house while preparing this. 

Banana is the star ingredient of this recipe. Banana is considered to be the most nutritious fruit. It is rich in many salts and minerals which are very essential to our body like potassium and zinc.

Ingredients :-
 Long Ripe Banana   3
 Sweetened Condensed Milk    3 tbsp ¼ cup
 Cardamom Powder   ½ tsp
 Ghee   4 tsp 
 Dry fruits   for garnishing 
 Food color   pinch
Method :-
1). Peel the skin and mash the bananas in a blender into a smooth paste without adding water. Keep it aside.
2). In a microwavable safe bowl, add 2teaspoon ghee/butter and microwave for 20 seconds on high.
3). Now add the mashed banana and put the microwave in HIGH. Let the banana cook for about 10 minutes to remove the raw smell. Keep string the mixture every 5 minutes.

4). Add the condensed milk and remaining ghee. Microwave high for 5 minutes, stirring in between occasionally till it turns dark brown.

5). At the time when it forms single mass, add cardamom powder, food color and microwave for 1 minute, ghee will start oozing out. At this stage the halwa would have turned to a nice reddish brown color and also glossy. Let the halwa be in the microwave for about 5 minutes to set. 

6). (a)You can keep it as such and garnish with chopped nuts and Serve with a dollop of Icecream ! 
or (b) Grease a plate with ghee and pour the mixture, level it and allow it to cool. When its almost cool cut into desired shapes.
Tips :-
# Do not add too much cardamom powder or it will reduce the flavor of banana. # You can use sugar instead of condensed milk.
# Do not use under ripe ones for this halwa preparation. Nendhram pazham suits best for this recipe.
# Standing time is important after cooking. It gives the time to blend, thereby improving the taste of the food.
# Do not over-cook the halwa (once the ghee has separated). Over-cooking will cause the halwa to harden. 
# Timings may differ based on the Microwave (+ or - 5 minutes). So adjust accordingly. 
# Choose a deep and deep microwave safe bowl as it tends to boil over.
# You can do the same on stove-top method too. Keep  stirring continuously till the mixture forms a lump and ghee oozes out. 

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