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Peanut Chutney | நிலக்கடலை சட்னி | Nilakadalai Chutney

Peanut Chutney is a delicious tangy-hot dip with peanut, coconut, tamarind and red-chillies.This is a simple, tasty and easy chutney recipe.  
Peanut chutney is the usual accompaniment to breakfast dishes like upma, pongal, pesarattu, dosa, and vada.It takes all of 5 minutes to make this, if you have roasted skinned peanuts on hand.

Ingredients :- 
Peanuts - 1cup (Raw) ;
Red Chillies - 5 ;
Tamarind - lemon-sized  ball ;
Coconut - 1/2 cup ;
Curry leaves - 1spring ;
Salt to taste ;
Seasoning :-
Mustard - 1/4 teaspoon ;
Urad dal - 1/2 teaspoon ;
Channa dal - 1/2 teaspoon ;

Preparation :-
1). Heat a griddle, on a medium flame roast the peanuts until golden brown and remove the skin.
2). Combine with tamarind,coconut, curry leaves and salt in a blender and add sufficient water to whizz into a thick, smooth paste. 

3). (Optional step) Saute the items under "seasonings" and Pour the hot tempering over the chutney and it’s read to serve. 
Peanut Chutney tastes great with tiffins like Idlis, Dosas,Paniyaram, the best of all, hot steamed Rice!

Notes :-
# After roasting the peanuts, Wait few minutes for them to cool down. This cooling process somehow increases the chutney taste tremendously and saves the motor blade of your mixer from melting.
# If you are using roasted peanuts proceed from step2.
# You can also use microwave for roasting the peanut. In a microwave safe bowl , add the peanuts and microwave for 4 - 5 mins. How fast the roasting process is done depends on how powerful the microwave is and the quantity of peanuts.
# Seasoning is optional. If you skip the tempering (to avoid biting into whole spices) this chutney can also be a great dip or a spread.
# Make this chutney little bit watery if you are using it for breakfast dishes. If the chutney is for rice make it little bit tight with as little amount of water as possible. 
# Make it spicy, sour or hot according to your taste.
# You can use green chillies instead of redchillies or a combination of both.
# You can also use fresh lime juice instead of tamarind.
# This chutney can be refrigerated for upto a week.

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  1. Delicious clicks......all time favorite peanut chutney is very simple to make, but tastes delish with any snacks.

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