Sunday, September 9, 2012

Round up of Celebrating Independence Day Event !!

Last month I started my first event with a patriotic theme "Celebrating Independence Day". Thanks to each one of you for all your love & support. I was amazed at the entries that I received and I cannot thank you guys enough for the effort that you have taken to make this event a stupendous success. 

I am really overwhelmed by all the responses I got. I have totally received 27 innovative, interesting and yummilicious recipes. Click on the recipe name and hop over to the respective posts to read more about the dish. Without further ado, here comes the roundup..  

1. Tri-Color Pedas                   2.Tricolor Poriyal                     3.Tiranga Idly

4. Tricolor-Flag                        5.Tricolor Rice                 6.Tri-colour Parata

7. Barley Biriyani               8. Paneer Mushroom Fry9. Dhokla Stuffed Capsicum 

10. Meetha Madraa               11. Colourful Rice              12.Tricolour Dosa 

13. Special Lunch                 14. Tricolor Jelly                 15. Tricolor Cookies

16.Tiranga Idli                     17.Tricolor Varieties              18.Tri-colour Agar

19. Tiranga Rice                 20. Mixed Thoran                21. Tiranga Idli 

22.Tricolor Sticks                23.Stuffed Peppers          24.Tricolor Sandwich 

Thank you for being a part of this event. I am humbled that all of you came together and made this event memorable. Also send in your festive recipes for my on-going event "Onam Sadhya ~ The Grand Feast" happening at this space till 29th Sep 2012.

Hope you guys have enjoyed the round up. I have participation badges for all the participants and I hope you guys will accept it. So grab the badge as a token of award. 
Do watch this space for some more exciting events coming your way !! Happy Cooking & Happy blogging !! 

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  1. Thanks Sharan for the post :-) love it, what wonderful variety of dishes... amazing how creative people are :-).Truly honored to be the first in the list.

    Javvariri Banana Payasam ~ Today’s Special
    Visit Cook like Priya

    1. Thanks Priya :) Pleasure is mine.. Very true... Even I was wondering before starting this event but I was amazed by the number of entries I received..

  2. Wonderful varieties of dish. A nice event round up.

  3. Great round up dear..Missed this event will hopefully try to send in some recipes for you other event :)

    Today's Recipe ~ Peas Carrot Pulao
    You Too Can Cook Indian Food Recipes

    1. THanks dear.. Even I missed your innovative entry for my event... looking forward for your entries for my on-going events..

  4. nice roundup.. நானும் கலந்துக்கொண்டதில் எனக்கும் மகிழ்ச்சி.. நன்றி


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