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Sevai | சேவை | Sandhakai | சந்தகை | Rice Vermicelli | Idiyappam | இடியாப்பம்

Idiyappam / Sevai / Sandhahai / Steamed rice noodles is a popular south-Indian dish. There are different varieties of Sevai. Like, Sweet Sevai, Thakkali(Tomato) Sevai, Puli(Tamarind) Sevai , Lemon Sevai, Thengai(coconut) Sevai. Out of all these Thakkali sevai is may favorite.

Check the below recipe to make plain Idiyappan using traditional method.

Ingredients :-   
 Raw rice   1 cup
 Oil  1 tsp
 Salt   as needed

Method :-  
1). Soak rice in water over night for 5 - 6 hrs. Grind the rice smoothly with 3 glasses of water. Add salt and combine.  
2). In a thick-bottomed pan, add oil and put the ground rice(low flame). 
3). Make the thickened dough into fist-sized balls. Place these balls into Idli moulds and steam them for 10 minutes.

4). Once made, Take out just one plate from the Idli stand, scoop out the idlis and put them in the sevai press . Immediately remove it from idli plate to another plate(other wise the rice dough form will become hard). Use the Sevai maker and prepare Sevai.

5). Place the steamed dough balls one at a time in the lower part of the sevai maker. When pressing down on the dough ball with the upper part, thin strands of the Sevai would start falling.
6). Let the other idlis keep simmering on a very low flame till each plate is done.(If it becomes cold, then pressing will be difficult as the dough becomes very hard)

Sevai is ready !! Serve with Channa masala.. Perfect combo.. 
Note :-  
# Put the dough in 'Sevai press' and prepare when it is hot otherwise it will be become very hard and it will be very difficult to press.

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