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Thandan Keerai Poriyal | தண்டு கீரை பொரியல் | Spinach Stir-fry

Thandan Keerai poriyal (Spinach stir-fry) is another healthy, easy, delicious and flavorful side dish. It pairs very well with rice and any curry.This recipe is my mom's version and one of my favorite.

Ingredients :-

 Fresh spinach  1 bunch
 Onions | Shallots (finely chopped)      1 cup
 Turmeric powder   ¼ tsp
 Chilli powder    ¾ tsp 
 Grated coconut    ¼ cup 
 Sugar    pinch 
 Oil  1 tsp
 Mustard  ¼ tsp
 Urad dal  ½ tsp
 Channa dal  ½ tsp
 Salt  to taste

Method :-

1). Clean the greens, remove the root part. Wash well with water and drain. Chop it finely along with the stem.

2). Heat the oil and do the seasoning with mustard seeds, urad dal, channa dal. Then add the chopped onions and saute till they turn translucent.

3). In medium flame and add the chopped spinach, turmeric powder, chilli powder, sugar and salt.
Stir slowly as the keerai reduces in volume. As it gets cooked it leaves water, so no need to add any water. Keep stirring for about two minutes until the spinach starts wilting.
Pic-1 Pic-1 Pic-1
4). Cook till the spinach has wilted (the stem gets cooked and there is no liquid left in the pan). Add the grated coconut and mix well to combine.
Pic-1 Pic-1 Pic-1
Serve warm with rice & ghee or as a side-dish for any curry.

Note :-

# Spinach has a tendency to let out a lot of water as it cooks.
# Here in the US we get easily usable spinach, so just one wash is enough.
# Adding sugar helps to retain the green color.
# You can use frozen spinach but use fresh spinach for better taste.
# Do not cook the keerai covered as it will loose its color. 

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  1. Quick and easy healthy stir fry.. Looks delicious.

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  3. Healthy poriyal,love with a bowl of rice.

  4. Simple, healthy n delicious .. perfect with hot phulkas!


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