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Tips & Essentails

These tips will help you to save your time and energy


# Removed side crusts of bread can be dried in oven till crisp, cooled and ground to use as bread bread crumbs.

# Leftover chappathies can be cut into small diamond shaped pieces with a pair of kitchen scissors and deep fried till golden brown. Store in air-tight containers.

# Store coffee powder in the freezer to retain the freshness for a long period of time.
# When buying coffee powder, if you need 1 kg , buy this as 4 packets of 250 gms each. This way, you can use one packet by one to keep the aroma of coffee packed in other packets. You will get the aroma coffee for the whole month.

# Do not too much water while cooking, as some of the water soluble vitamins are getting wasted in the water, when the water is drained.
# Avoid the habit of heating the cooked food again and gain. Repeated heating not only kills the nutrients of your meals but also leads to gas wastage. Instead pour the dishes in hotpot to keep them hot for longer period of time.
# It is always preferable for all items to be kept in room temperature for half to 1 hour before cooking.

Excess Salt :-
# Excess salt in any dish can be brought down by adding diced potatoes, tomatoes or a teaspoon of sugar.
# To remove excessive salt in the dish being prepared, add a few pieces of potato and boil for few minutes. 

# To remove excess salt in any gravy,make some tiny balls of roti dough and let them simmer with the gravy. They absorb excess salt.Remove them before serving.
# In winter season, salt will become sticky. To avoid this, take a white piece of cloth. Add raw rice in it. Tie it as a small bag. Put this bag inside the salt container. This will keep the salt fresh and free flow always.

# The order of preference of food should be steamed, boiled followed by fried.

FOOD PACKETS :-# When carrying many food packets while traveling, use either transparent polythene bags or put a name sticker on each foil pack etc. So that guessing, opening and searching is avoided. When food is used up, use these bags to collect your litter on the way.

Dry ginger or chukku in tamil, can be used to cure indigestion, chest irritation,for wheezing, for cough, for stomach bloating, earache etc.

# If dried herbs are used in a recipe, crush them first to release their fragrance.

# While preparing "mor kuzhambu" , add a piece of mango to increase the taste of the recipe.
# While preparing Vatral kuzhambu, puli kaichal add a small piece of jaggery to increase the taste.

# To separate noodles immediately after boiling, put them in cold water.

# Try to make use of non-stick pan for preparing your meals as much as possible. This is because non-stick pans use very little amount of oil for preparing meals plus also uses less amount of cooking gas.

# When preparing oats, Put the oats in mixie for a single whip. This will cook the oats easily and also easy to eat for old people.


# Use only ceramic or plastic spoons for pickle.
# For long time preservation of pickle, Use dry container and dry spoon only. 

POORI - CHAPATI DOUGH :-# While storing the excess dough in the refrigerator coat it with a light layer of ghee or oil. This shall prevent the dough from getting dry. 
# For getting crisper puris, add little rice flour along with the wheat flour while kneading the dough.


# Keep refrigerated food outside for 1 hours before heating or before starting to cook.

# Always make sure you prepare your dishes in a good quality cooker only. Whenever you buy a cooker, check out that it is certified from ISI. This will prevent happening of any ill event plus allows minimum usage of your cooking gas.

STAINS :-# To remove stains from cooking utensils, rub with a little salt while washing. 

# Adding a little dry rice to sugar while grinding it, will keep the sugar from becoming lumpy.


# To get good taste, add coconut oil when preparing sweet dishes. This will give good flavour for the dish.

THENGAI (COCONUT) BURFI :- # At the final stage, add a teaspoon of ghee raosted maida. This will give a good consistency for burfi and also will be easy to slice the burfi.
# Always prepare meals in a covered pan. Whenever you cook, place a bowl filled with water on the lid cover, this will allow you to prepare your dish more faster. Plus you can use the boiled water in a bowl for other purpose too.

# Dry Sundaikai vatral or manathakali vatral in sunlight. This will remove any moisture content and also the extra salt.

# If the water for cooking is unclear, grind 5-6 thoor dhal and put it in the water. In few minutes this will give a clear water. (5-6 toordal is required for 6 litres of water).

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