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Keerai Poori | Spinach Poori | Palak Poori | கீரை பூரி

Keerai/Spinach/Palak Poori is soft and fluffy Indian fried bread using pureed spinach, wheat flour and spices. This is simple, healthy, delicious, and colorful. It makes a comforting meal.
DH loves Poori, but I wont make it often as it is deep-fried. But I didn't wanna disappoint him so tried this healthy version with spinach. It was so delicious, we loved the Poori's. We enjoyed this healthy poori's with less guilt.
 Here goes the recipe....
Ingredients :-
 Wheat flour   1½ cup  
 Spinach   ½ bunch  
 Garlic powder or Crushed garlic(3pods)    1 tsp  
 Sesame oil  1 tbsp
 Oil  for deep frying   
 Salt ¼  ½ ¾

Method :-
1). Remove the stems and wash the spinach leaves. Add enough water and blanch it  for 3-4 minutes or Microwave it for 1 minute. Allow it to cool to room temperature and draind the excess water. Grind it to a fine paste adding little water. 

3).  Mix wheat flour with salt, garlic powder and sesame oil. Then add the spinach puree and make a very stiff dough. Add water if required. Keep it covered for 10 minutes.

4). Divide the dough into equal lemon sized  balls. Dust the balls with flour | oil and roll into flat round disc as you do for regular Poori's. It should be medium thick and not thin like chapathi's.
5). Heat Oil in a pan, when it is hot and not smoking, gently slide the rolled Poori's and fry it. Slight press on the poori, this helps in puffing up.
6). Fry evenly on both sides till turns to golden brown. Transfer it to paper towel to drain the excess oil. 
Yummy & colorful poori is ready !!
Serve hot with Carrot Raita.  
Notes :-
# I have made it spicy and served it with raitha. You can adjust the spice level and serve with some side-dish.
# Do not throw the spinach cooked water, You can use it to prepare the dough if water is required. 
# Dough should be tight. It should be harder than chapathi dough or the poori's will absorb more oil and it will become soggy.
# After frying the Poori's, do not stack them instead spread them on a paper/plate.
# I recently read that  non-stick pans should not be used for deep frying. When they are used for extended time on high temperature, they give off poisonous gases. I am gonna follow it from next time.
# Garlic powder adds very good flavor to Poori's. If you don't have it handy, use garlic pods. You can grind it along with spinach. 

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  1. colorful poori n kids love this for sure :-)

  2. Lovely green pooris, yum yum...


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