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Mullangi Kulambu | முள்ளங்கி குழம்பு | Radish Gravy

Mullangi Kulambu / Radish Gravy is simple and tasty curry. It makes for a delectable accompaniment with steamed rice, idli, dosa and paniyaram varieties. Radishes are very low-calorie root vegetables and have been effective when used as a medicinal food for liver disorders. Fresh Radishes are rich in vitamin C which helps body scavenge harmful free radicals, prevention from cancers, inflammation and helps boost immunity. They contain a variety of sulfur-based chemicals that increase the flow of bile. Therefore, they help to maintain a healthy gallbladder and liver, and improve digestion. (Source : google)

I learnt this recipe from my mom. Some people might not like the pungent smell and taste of radish. This is a better way to make them enjoy the goodness of radish.

Ingredients :-
 Baby Radish (slice into thin discs)     10
 Onion (roughly chopped)  1
 Tomato (roughly chopped)  2 
 Red Chillies   6  
 Grated coconut      ¼ cup  
 Coriander powder  1 tsp 
 Turmeric powder  ½ tsp
 Cumin  1 tsp 
 Mustard  ½ tsp
 Curry leaves  1 sprig
 Coriander leave  for garnishing  
 Salt  to taste

Method :-
 1). Heat Oil in a pan and splutter Cumin and add onions. Once onions turn golden brown,  add tomatoes and red chillies. Saute till they turn mushy and raw smell leaves. Make a fine paste with this masala, salt, turmeric powder, coriander powder, grated coconut and water.

2). Heat oil in a pan, add mustard and when it splutters add sliced radish and saute for 2minutes. Then add the grounded paste along with 1/2 cup water. Check for salt, spice level and adjust accordingly. Let it boil.

3). Cook till the radish slices are fully cooked and the gravy becomes thick. Garnish with coriander leaves and switch off.

Serve this yummy gravy with steamed rice, appalam and poriyal(stir fry). Enjoy !!
Note :-
# Traditionally white radishes are used, but I have used red baby radish which is equally great.
# The masala paste should be finely ground.
# Shallots suits best for this gravy. Instead of 1Big onion, you can use 1-15 shallots depending on the size.

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