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Sambar Idly | சாம்பார் இட்லி

Sambar Idly is a very popular dish in South Indian Cuisine which can be enjoyed as a snack / meal. Sambar Idli's are nothing but rice cakes soaked in lentil Sauce.  This tasty ghee flavored sambar idli is my perfect idea of comfort food with complementing flavors.  This is suitable for all occasions as it tastes heavenly, even picky eaters will addictive idli's.

I  have already posted the recipe(detailed post) for sambar and Idli separately along with its tips. So I am just sharing the links here as I do not want this post to be a very long one.
Sambar :-
Sambar is famous south-Indian recipe. There are so many varieties of sambar. It is nothing but lentil based vegetable stew. This recipe requires to make a lot of Sambar, as you need to soak the idlies in it.
Sambar is the key ingredient for this recipe. Onion Sambar suits well for this recipe than with veggies and the consistency should be little watery than usual. 

Click here to know how to make Sambar

Mini Idli's / Button Idli's is nothing but the miniature version of the regular idli's. A miniature version of anything is cute and attracts kids. They suit well for this recipe than the regular Idli's as it differs in shape and easy to eat. Check the below pic for mini-idli plates.
Click to know how to prepare Idli batter & tips for soft Idli's . Idli batter should be thicker than the dosa batter.

Sambar Idli  
Sambar Idli is a popular South-Indian meal served in most of the Indian restaurants. Mini Idlis are soaked in delicious sambar and topped with ghee. I am a very big fan of  Hotel Saravana Bhavan's Sambar Idli.
Mom had sent me Microwave Idli cooker from India. She couldn't  find mini-idli plates for that cooker. I had been waiting to post this recipe until I get mini-idli plates. But I couldn't resist when my regular reader Deepika requested this recipe. So I prepared normal idli's and shaped it using cookie cutter for a variation(check the below pic).
I could make 3 mini hearts in 1 regular Idli. If you do not have cookie cutter, you can very well use the regular idli's or you can even cube/dice the idli's.
Ingredients for Sambar Idli :-

Idli Batter - 1 cup ;
Tiffin Sambar - 2 cups ;
Oil for greasing ;
Idli stand ;
Coriander leaves - few (finely chopped) for garnishing;
Ghee ;

Method :-

1). Gently mix the fermented idli batter well, adding little water if required. Fill water in the Idli cooker and microwave for a minute.

 2). Grease the idli mold with ghee/oil and pour spoonful of batter in each mould. Mount the idli plate on to the Idli stand and place it on the Idli cooker. 
3). Microwave hi for 5 minutes. Remove and let it rest it for 5 more minutes so that idli's come out easily without sticking or show the Idly plate under cool running water. This helps in cooling the idlies faster and make it easier to remove it from the plates. Run the spoon around the idlies and flip them out. Soft & fluffy idli's are ready, cover and keep it aside.
4). Using the cookie cutter, shape the idli's into desired shape. (Optional step) 
5). Bring the sambar to 'piping hot' stage. In a serving bowl, place the mini-idli's and pour the sambar over the idlies till the idli's float. Sprinkle chopped coriander leaves and serve hot with a dallop of ghee.  
Sambar mini-idly is ready!  Enjoy the sumptuous heart-shaped sambar idli !!
Notes :-
# Mini-idli plates suits well for this recipe. But if you do not have it you can shape it using cookie cutter as I did or use the regular idli's.
Idlis can be either soaked in Sambar for 3-4 hrs before serving or can be added instantaneously.  
# Ghee is optional but it tastes double yum with the ghee :) Plus I feel it gives the restaurant feel.
# You can also garnish with finely chopped onions / ghee fried cashews / grated carrot. 
# Make sure the sambar is piping hot, it makes a huge difference in the taste. 

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