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Tandoori Chicken in Oven | தந்தூரி சிக்கன்

Tandoori chicken is one of the most popular non-vegetarian Indian dish which is prepared by marinating chicken in  yogurt & spices, then traditionally baked in a preheated clay oven at high temperature called Tandoor. This is truly a jewel of Indian Cuisine. 

They are so easy to prepare provided you have time prior for the marinating. Food made through tandoori technique is oil less and does not contain any ingredients that will add to  your body fat. A chicken dish with Indian flavors that is sure to please even picky eaters. Here goes the recipe... 

Lavanya Krishnan this recipe is for u.. Come soon to taste it:)
Ingredients :-
 Chicken legs (skinned)     5 pieces 
 Yogurt   2 tbsp
 Ginger garlic paste   1 tsp 
 Lemon juice  2 tbsp   
 Tandoori masala   1 tbsp    
 Chilli powder  1 tsp
 Turmeric powder  ¼ tsp
 Orange food color (optional)     pinch
 Clarified butter | ghee | olive oil     to brush
 Onion slices  for garnishing
 Lemon wedges  for garnishing
 Coriander leaves  for garnishing
 Salt  as needed

Method :-
1). Wash the skinned Chicken well and make 1-inch slits with a knife.
2). In a mixing bowl, combine yogurt, tandoori masala, turmeric powder, chilli powder, ginger garlic paste, salt, food color and lemon juice and make a thick marinade. 
3). Coat chicken with blended spice paste, making sure extra marination goes into the slits of the chicken. Cover and refrigerate it for about 4 to 6 hours or overnight for best results. Return to room temperature before cooking. 

 4). Preheat the oven to 425 F at baking mode. Prepare the baking tray by lining it with silver foil and brushing it with oil. Then arrange the marinated chicken, brush with some butter/oil. Using your oven mitts, carefully place the tray into the center rack of the oven and bake for 20 minutes. 
5). Now drain off the excess water and the oil that comes out of the baking chicken in the tray. Using tongs, turn the chicken pieces and bake them on the other side for another 
15 minutes. 
6). Again drain off any excess oil and water, apply melted butter over the chicken and broil for about 3 -5  minutes till you get the charred effect on the chicken. When ready, chicken pieces should look crispy and charred in places. Remove it from the oven and let it cool slightly. 

Lip-smacking & flavorful tandoori chicken is ready !! Serve with  slices of onions, lemon wedges and spicy Mint Chutney. 

Notes :-
#  I have used chicken legs for this recipe. You can use Chicken breast or thighs, but the cooking time will vary as the breast will cook faster than the drumsticks. 
# The knife needs to touch the bone which means the slit is nice deep and big. This will help the marinade to penetrate into the chicken.
# If you are cooking breasts, poke one with a skewer to make sure the juices run clear.
# Before marinating, taste test the marinade for salt & spice and adjust accordingly. Both should taste extra strong at this stage.
# More you marinate, better the taste. So prepare ahead, preferably overnight.
# Remove the excess marinade from the chicken before baking in the oven.
# Time varies for different ovens and size of the chicken so adjust accordingly.
# Make sure to return the chicken to room temperature. If yogurt is cooked straight from the fridge, it may curdle. 
# Drain off the excess liquid from the cooking tray to prevent soggy chicken.
#  Do keep an eye from time to time to check when they are done.
# Always let it sit for a few minutes before serving to allow the juices to settle in.  

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