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Aval Payasam | அவல் பாயாசம் | Atukulu Payasam | Poha Kheer

'Aval payasam / அவல் பாயாசம்' is a perfect festival dessert that can be prepared quickly. I recently heard about this payasam, so I google'd the recipe and found many varieties. I compared few and altered the recipe to suit my taste. I am posting the stove-top method & microwave method here, check notes* for variations.

Aval/poha/flattened rice has lots of health benefits. I prepared this payasam for Krishna Jayanthi, somehow missed to publish it. As this is festival season, I thought of publishing it now.. 

Ingredients :-
 Aval (Poha)   ½ cup
 Milk  2 cups
 Sugar  ½cup
 Cardamom powder       generous pinch   
 Ghee   2 tsp

Method :-
1). Rinse Aval in water and roast it with ghee until it changes color slightly and becomes crisp. Set aside.
2). Boil milk in low flame until it reduce its volume, stirring in between. Then add the ghee roasted aval to the boiling milk and mix well. Let it boil until aval turns soft and blends with milk.
3). Then add sugar and mix well until it dissolves. Finally flavour it with cardamom powder and let the payasam thicken further (3-4 minutes).

Switch off and serve warm/chill as per your preference! It tastes delicious both ways .. 

Notes* :-
# For good flavor - Mix saffron in a tbsp of warm milk and add it to the remaining milk while boiling. Also you use flavored essence  like vanilla or rose.
# If the aval is thick you can coarsely grind it and follow the same procedure, it will cook faster.
# I liked it plain, but you can very well garnish with ghee-fried nuts. You can either add the nuts while boiling milk and make it rich or use it for garnishing.
# Before adding Aval, make sure the milk consistency is thick.
# Substitute Sugar with sweetened condensed milk or Jaggery. If you are using jaggery, after adding it to the aval mixture, do not allow it to boil for more time, it may curdle.     # Payasam tends to become thick, if so, add milk and serve. 

Microwave Method :-

1). In Microwave safe bowl, add ghee & aval and microwave high for 2 minute or until it becomes golden brown. 

2). Add milk and microwave in medium for 6 minutes or till the aval gets cooked. Stir in between(after every 2 minutes) for even cooking. 

3). Once the aval is cooked, add the sugar and cardamom powder. Combine everything together and microwave medium for a minute. Allow it stand in the microwave for another 3 minutes. 

4). (Optional step) Mix ghee and cashews in a microwave bowl and microwave for a minute / until it becomes golden brown (Make sure u keep an eye on it to avoid burring).

Aval payasam is ready.. Top it with cashews and raisins and serve warm / chilled !

Notes :-

# Make sure you take a bigger bowl, else milk may overflow.
# Timings may vary (1 or 2 minutes), adjust accordingly.
# In step2, if the aval is thick it might absorb the milk. In that case add more milk and let it cook. 

# You can also grind the roasted aval coarsely and let it cook in the milk. It will get cook quickly.

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