Friday, January 17, 2014

Fish Fry | மீன் வறுவல் | Meen Varuval

Fish Fry is a simple and quick recipe. Fish pieces are coated in egg & spice batter and then shallow fried. It gives the crispy coating outside with a delicious meat inside. I have started experimenting fish recipes and this is one among that. 

Ingredients :-
 Fish Pieces   6 
 Egg   1
 All purpose flour(Maida)   1 tbsp
 Corn flour   1 tbsp 
 Turmeric powder  ¼ tsp
 Ginger garlic paste   1 tbsp 
 Red Chilli powder   2 tbsp
 Lime juice   for garnishing 
 Oil  for frying
 Salt to taste

 Method :-
1). Wash and clean the fish. Then prepare the marinade to a pouring consistency. Beat the egg and combine red chili powder, turmeric powder, ginger garlic paste, all purpose flour, corn flour and salt. Apply the marinade to the fish pieces on all sides and marinate it for 20 minutes. 
2). In a medium flame, heat a 2 tbsp of oil on a heavy bottomed pan. Add the marinated fish pieces and cook them on slow flame. Flip over and let the pieces cook till it becomes crispy and golden brown on both sides. Remove from the oil and place on oil absorbent paper.
Serve hot with a dash of lime juice over the fish. Suits best with steamed rice and simple gravy.
Notes :-
# You can use any type fish for this fry, I used Tilapia.
# Do not fry the fish too long, it will become dry. Make sure the flame is medium.
# While shallow frying, make sure the fish doesn't burn or get stuck to the pan. 
# You can also use egg whites. 
# I prefer shallow fry than deep frying as deep-frying tends to become hard.  
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