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Chicken Fried Rice (Indo Chinese) | சிக்கன் பிரைட் ரைஸ்

Chicken Fried Rice (Indo - Chinese version) is a fusion of long grained rice along with chopped vegetables, chicken and eggs combined with sauces. It makes complete meal by itself, it does not need any accompaniment.  

The whole dish is stir fried at a high flame and that's what imparts a restaurant like flavor in this dish. DH loves Chicken recipes, this recipe is a special dedication today on his bday :)

Ingredients :- 
 Cooked long grain Rice (Basmati)   3 cups 
 Boneless Chicken  1 cup 
 Eggs   2 
 Mixed Veggies (finely chopped)   1 cup 
 Onion (finely sliced)   1 
 Ginger garlic paste   1 tsp
 Butter / Oil   4 tsp 
 Soy Sauce   2 tsp
 Green chilli sauce 1 tsp 
 Tomato Sauce / Ketchup  2 tsp 
 Pepper powder  1 tsp
 Salt to taste

Method :-
1). Fluff the rice with a fork and mix a tsp of oil in the cooked rice and spread it on a plate so that you have each grain separate. Chop the vegetables and cut the chicken into thin strips. Keep all these aside. 
2). Heat a tsp of butter / oil in a pan, add eggs and stir to scramble with salt and pepper(¼ tsp). Keep it aside. 
3). In the same, heat a tsp of butter and add the chicken pieces along with soy sauce and salt. Chicken itself will ooze-out water, so let the chicken cook till it becomes tender. Keep sauteing till the water evaporates and chicken turns light brown. Keep it aside.
4). Heat a tsp of butter in a wok, add the onions and saute until light golden brown. Then add the ginger garlic paste and  fry till the raw smell goes. Add the finely chopped vegetables (if using) and cook for 2-3 minutes until they wilt just a bit. The vegetables should be cooked yet crunchy and not mushy or soft.
5). Then add the sauteed chicken pieces along with soya sauce, tomato sauce, and green chilli sauce. Stir for the flavors to combine. 
6). Add the cooked rice and combine. Then add the scrambled egg, pepper powder and mix thoroughly. Make sure you don't stir it too much and make the rice mushy.  
Remove from fire, add the pepper powder and adjust the salt. Serve garnished with scallion greens !

Notes :-
# Make sure the rice is not sticky. Left-over / refrigerated rice suits best for this recipe. If the rice is freshly cooked, set aside to cool or refrigerate it uncovered for at least 3 hours.
# Adding veggies to this recipe is totally optional. But it give a more interesting look and flavor, so don't avoid!
# Use MSG or ajinomotto as in restaurants to enhance the taste. But I avoided.
# You can substitute chicken with any meat. Similarly remove chicken & egg to make Veg-Fried Rice. 
# Marinate the chicken with a tsp of soy sauce and salt. It gives more flavor to the chicken.

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