Friday, July 25, 2014

Oats Pongal | ஓட்ஸ் பொங்கல்

Oats Pongal makes a comforting and lip smacking meal. This pongal is delicious than the usual ven Pongal and oats has lots of health benefits too. Check the link for Venpongal here, which I have already posted.
Ingredients :-
 Oats (I used Quacker quick oats )   ½ cup
 Moong dal/paasi paruppu  ¼ cup
 Water   1 cup
 Ghee / Oil   1 tbsp 
 Pepper   ½ tsp
 Cumin   1½ tsp
 Asafoetida  ¼ tsp
 Ginger (finely chopped)  ¾ tsp
 Curry leaves  few 
 Green chillies   3 
 Salt to taste

Method :-

Dry roast oats and moongdal separately in a pan and keep it aside. Soak Moong dal in water for 30 minutes*
2). Heat ghee/butter in a pressure cooker, add broken cashew nuts and saute till golden brown. Remove and keep aside.
3). In the same ghee, add cumin, black pepper corns and allow the cumin to splutter. Then add asafoetida, curry leaves, ginger, green chilies, salt and saute for a few seconds. Add 3 cups of water and bring it to boil.
4). Add oats and dhal in the boiling water and pressure cook for 1 whistle.  
Garnish with toasted cashew nuts. Serve hot with a dollop of ghee along with sambar & chutney.   
Notes :-
#* Oats will get cooked quickly but moongdal will take more time.
So soak the dal for 30minutes to get cooked properly.
# Adjust the water ratio to suit your consistency.    
# Alternatively, pressure cook the moong dal seperately and then combine with the cooked oats. 
# You can also include veggies/spinach and make Veg-Oats Pongal.
# You can crush the peppers and cumin coarsely, If you don't prefer the whole pepper corns in the pongal. But adjust the levels if you are serving for kids, it might be too spicy. 
# Always make sure to serve the pongal hot !

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